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The New York Times

Iran pushes a propaganda campaign to Arab nations. Not everyone is impressed.

Julian Barnes of the NYT interviewed FilterLabs CEO Jonathan Teubner for his story on on how Gulf States were responding to Iran’s propaganda surrounding its attack on Israel last week.

Grupa Wirtualna Polska

“He used AI to learn what Russians were thinking. ‘Once you start digging deeper, everything gets murkier."

CEO Jonathan Teubner spoke with Łukasz Dynowski of Grupa Wirtualna Polska about Filter’s insights into what’s going on below the surface in Russiansʼ views towards the war.

New York TImes

Hundreds of Ukrainian Troops Feared Captured or Missing in Chaotic Retreat

The fall of Avdiivka to Russia may be more significant than it initially seemed as Ukraine struggles with morale and recruitment


AI for Peace — What is the Russian public thinking?

A conversation with the CEO of FilterLabs about its Filter Russia tool


Using social media to track Russian support for the War in Ukraine

CNN’s Paula Newton speaks with the chief executive of FilterLabs about using apps and social media to track Russian support for the War in Ukraine.


AI Can Tell Us How Russians Feel About the War. Putin Won’t Like the Results.

Russian propaganda is good at manipulating public opinion. But its effects aren’t working like they used to.


U.S. and Ukrainian Groups Pierce Putin’s Propaganda Bubble

Julian Barnes and Edward Wong report on FilterLabs’ work with Ukrainians.


Using social media to track public support for Prigozhin, Putin

Kim Brunhuber speaks with the CEO of FilterLabs, a company that tracks the online support for Putin and compares it to the official party line in Russia.

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