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Talisman Unlocks
the Power of
Hyperlocal Data

Uncover hidden trends and insights with continuously updated data from hard-to-access communities around the world.

Data Fusion:

Conversational + Behavioral Data
for Holistic Intelligence

Talisman is the go-to data fusion platform for capturing what people say and what they do, and synthesizing it into cohesive intelligence.

With Talisman, you gain an in-depth understanding of a community's response to events, messaging and situations.  

Community-Level Insights From the
World’s Hardest-to-Reach Places
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major stories and events

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fluid geopolitical dynamics

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to evolving markets

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Access Location-Specific Insights and Raw Data Artifacts from Uncommon Sources

Powerful Data in Your Hands

We gather data from alternative venues like personal and professional blogs, community group chat rooms, and local employment and consumption reports, and pair this with large volumes of social media and news media.

When fused together, this vast compilation of data gives you a truer picture of what local communities are saying and doing.

We also make our sources transparent so you can independently validate the information or use them to conduct further research.

Identify Critical Shifts in Sentiment + Behavior

Talisman consolidates vast amounts of data under a single pane of glass to remove data silos
and give you clear, efficient understanding about a region of interest.

The Total Picture

Talisman combines both conversational and behavioral data for a richer, more holistic
point of view on community-level attitudes and actions. 

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Conversational Data

Our AI models assess the sentiment and emotions reflected in the conversational data, first in its entirety and then based on user-defined topics, issues and keywords.

Behavioral Data

This data is then fused with behavioral data gleaned from our extensive catalogue of statistics and economic data sets to bring trends and patterns into focus.

You gain insight into why things change, as well as what is driving those changes.

Unlock Continuously Updated Data on Your Terms

Your ability to make informed decisions and accurate predictions relies on the availability of current, high-quality data from strategically important locations. That's why we offer flexible data retrieval options that cater to your organization’s unique needs and workflows.

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Talisman Data on Tap

Our live data stream is ideal for companies seeking to integrate our Talisman data directly and seamlessly into their existing analytical models.

Our API allows you to easily connect to our data feed, providing you with a constant stream of up-to-date information that enriches your internal data, enhancing the depth and accuracy of your analysis.
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Talisman Dashboard

The Talisman Analytics Dashboard is designed for users who prefer to receive visualized, interactive data intelligence.

 You can customize your view to display query-specific insights, which are presented in easy-to-interpret charts and graphs to reveal important patterns and trends at a glance.

Talisman Delivers the Actionable Intelligence Global Changemakers Need

Learn how to access hard-to-get data and identify shifts in attitudes and behaviors at the community level. 

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We’re Expanding Data Access Across the Globe

FilterLabs gathers data from 18 hard-to-access countries, and growing. 








Saudi Arabia











And More Countries
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Pick the Plan
That Suits Your Needs

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Talisman Basic


For individuals looking for quick, predefined access to data and analysis.

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1 user

Green Checkmark

Pre-set analytics dashboard

Green Checkmark

10 curated behavioral statistics

Green Checkmark

Basic conversational data

Green Checkmark

Country and regional data

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Talisman Teams


For teams looking for access to
enriched data and analysis.

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10 users

Blue Checkmark

Pre-set analytics dashboard

Blue Checkmark

20 curated behavioral statistics

Blue Checkmark

Basic access to conversational data

Blue Checkmark

Country and regional data

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Talisman Enterprise

For large teams and data driven organizations looking to independently query the data and seek deeper insights in real-time.

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Unlimited user

Purple Checkmark

Customizable analytics dashboard

Purple Checkmark

Unlimited curated behavioral statistics

Purple Checkmark

Full access to conversational data

Purple Checkmark

Country and regional data

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Integrate Our Talisman Data Seamlessly into Your Systems

We offer flexible pricing options for our live data stream and API integration, tailored to your company's unique requirements. Reach out to our sales team to discuss your needs and obtain a customized quote.

We’re Here to Ensure Your Success

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Onboarding services

You’ll be paired with a dedicated customer success specialist to ensure seamless onboarding.

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We’ll prepare your power user to be a designated trainer for others in your organization.

Ongoing Support Icon FNL

Ongoing training and support

We’re available to work with your team on an as-needed basis to meet your needs and goals.

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Additional resources

Need more tools and materials to help you advance your skills and amplify your impact? Just ask.

Harness the Power of

Hyperlocal Data

Learn how Talisman can help you navigate the changing global landscape with skill and precision.

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