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Hyperlocal Data Gives Media Professionals the Inside Scoop

Enhance your reporting with a constant supply of granular, local data that illuminates what specific communities are saying and doing in difficult-to-reach locations around the globe.


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Understand What’s Happening on the Ground

Instability and political constraints often hinder journalists from gaining direct access to on-the-ground knowledge in various parts of the world. This makes it difficult to accurately convey how people in those regions are feeling and behaving.

Talisman addresses this problem by supplying journalists with timely, pertinent data sourced directly from local communities, providing the necessary context for their coverage.

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Diverse Data Sources

Talisman goes beyond news and social media, leveraging a vast array of non-traditional sources curated by regional experts to provide comprehensive, community-level insights.

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Fresh Data For Timely Analysis

With Talisman's continuously refreshed data, journalists can stay on top of changing community sentiment, emotions and behavior, ensuring timely and relevant reporting.

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Targeted Data Visualization

The insights displayed on the Talisman Dashboard are specific to journalists’ search queries, ensuring focused and relevant data for their stories.

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Visibility Into Data Sources

Talisman gives journalists access to the sources behind its insights, promoting transparency and enabling independent verification and extended research.

Stay Informed as Events Happen

Talisman keeps tabs on how local communities respond to events or situations, providing journalists with valuable insights to report confidently on the important issues of our times.

Explore how Talisman can support your reporting from from tracking public sentiment to anticipating election results and investigating policy impacts. 

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Track Russian Public Sentiment Around War

Talisman gets behind the veil of government propaganda by curating unique data sources that capture authentic conversations and behaviors in local Russian communities – and then making the original sources available to journalists. By filtering and merging this data, Talisman reveals changing attitudes and actions around the war and its impacts – both economic and human – to help journalists gain insights into the Russian public's true sentiments.

Anticipate the results of a foreign election

Talisman gathers data from local communities in hard-to-access regions, capturing sentiment and emotion around core election issues and uncovering behavioral clues. For example, a large uptick in unemployment combined with a spike in negativity toward the incumbent government could give media outlets insight into whether a populist or nationalist type of politician could win the election.

Investigate impact of sanctions on local communities

Talisman tracks behavioral data to clarify trends and reveal the real impacts of government policies on everyday people. For instance, if a sanction is instituted on key imports, our data might show increases in product prices, decreased spending on non-essentials, and rising negative sentiment, anger and fear in local discourse. We then offer these original data sources to journalists to support them in their reporting. 

Track attitudes toward controversial leaders

Talisman can provide ground-level opinions and emotions about high-profile political figures in conflict zones and then provide the original sources as a resource. For instance, our technology evaluated Middle Eastern discourse about Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, revealing that opinions of him among Palestinians, Jordanians and Egyptians rose when prospects of a ceasefire improved – important information for journalists covering the war. 

Gauge Arab reactions to Iranian propaganda

After attacking Israel with missiles and drones, Iran plastered Arabic social media with messaging about the power of its technology against the Israeli and American defense systems. Talisman’s AI analysis of hyperlocal public opinion data was able to show the messages fell flat with audiences throughout the Middle East, lending contextualization to reporting of the attack’s broader impacts. Additionally, we made those sources transparent to facilitate validation and follow up.

Understand Russian citizens’ perceptions  

Our Talisman technology continuously gathers Russian conversation and behavior to provide journalists with unscripted responses to events and government messaging campaigns. Being able to read authentic, unfiltered comments from hyperlocal sources has given outlets like the New York Times unique angles in their reporting about events like the untimely death of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Wagner uprising and the increase in war casualties. 

High-Quality Data at Your Fingertips

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Interactive Talisman Dashboard

The interactive Talisman Dashboard is designed to help you visualize and derive meaningful insights from our comprehensive dataset. Our intuitive interface allows you to explore the data through interactive charts and graphs, making it easy to identify trends, patterns and anomalies that can enhance your reporting.

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Intuitive Data Visualization and Analysis

With its user-friendly interface and powerful data visualization tools, the Talisman Dashboard enables you to tell data-driven stories with confidence and clarity. Key features of the Talisman dashboard include:

Customizable views

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Tailor your data visualizations to focus on specific events, situations or issues that align with your reporting needs.


Dynamic Filtering

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Refine your data analysis by applying filters based on location, date range or other relevant criteria, enabling you to drill down into specific areas of interest.


Continuous Updates

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Access the latest data visualizations as new information becomes available, ensuring your reporting is current and relevant.


Comparative Analysis

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Compare data across different time periods, locations or categories to uncover unique angles and compelling stories.


Export Options

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Easily export data visualizations and insights for seamless integration into your articles or comprehensive coverage of global events.


Transparent Sources

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Gain access to our list of sources and use it to verify information or use as a launching point for further investigative reporting.

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Data to Help Tell the Story

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