Actionable insights for an unstable world

Making sense of data jungles, finding the stories in data deserts.​

Leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and tailored data modeling, FilterLabs.AI scours and analyzes global online communications to deliver hyper-local insights and predict future behaviors for our clients.


FilterLabs.AI gathers and analyzes data from the internet’s remote corners. Our comprehensive data categories, from specialized local blogs and community organizations to social media and news, allow you to get beyond social media echo chambers and deceptive personas. All this, paired with an extensive catalogue of economic and social statistics, is presented seamlessly in a single, user-friendly interface.


Leveraging our unique database, we provide predictive analytics for customers wanting to stay ahead of market shifts and geo-political disruptions. Customers in financial services, marketing, and geo-political risk management rely on our analytics to gain an edge on the competition.


FilterLabs.AI technology empowers its users to track economic and financial narratives and measure the impact your campaigns are having, and how shifts in attitudes are affecting your objectives. Our real-time measurements allow you to adapt to rapidly changing conditions at the ground level so you may adjust your strategies with the most current information available.





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In the News

The New York Times
Iran pushes a propaganda campaign to Arab nations. Not everyone is impressed.

Julian Barnes of the NYT interviewed FilterLabs CEO Jonathan Teubner for his story on on how Gulf States were responding to Iran’s propaganda surrounding its attack on Israel last week.

Grupa Wirtualna Polska

“He used AI to learn what Russians were thinking. ‘Once you start digging deeper, everything gets murkier."

CEO Jonathan Teubner spoke with Łukasz Dynowski of Grupa Wirtualna Polska about Filter’s insights into what’s going on below the surface in Russiansʼ views towards the war.

New York TImes

Hundreds of Ukrainian Troops Feared Captured or Missing in Chaotic Retreat

The fall of Avdiivka to Russia may be more significant than it initially seemed as Ukraine struggles with morale and recruitment

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