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Continuous Data From Hard-to-Reach Places

Empower decision making through AI-driven hyperlocal data feeds from strategically important regions around the globe.

Decisions are only as good as the information you use to make them.

Get the intelligence you need to stay ahead of market shifts and geopolitical disruptions.

High-quality, location-specific data is essential for financial analysts and communications professionals, but it can be hard to access in certain parts of the world.

FilterLabs delivers locally sourced, up-to-date data from strategically important regions. This empowers global and emerging market analysts to spot market opportunities and mitigate risk. It also enables strategic communications experts to navigate the geopolitical landscape with skill and precision.

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How Our Technology Delivers Unique Data Insights

FilterLabs gives you unparalleled intelligence about hard-to-reach communities around the world.

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WE COLLECT Hyperlocal, Hard-to-Reach Data

We pull from both traditional and alternative sources, curated by regional and subject matter experts, to provide a broader perspective on issues and events.

We Fuse icon FNL

WE FUSE Conversational and Behavioral Data

Our custom-built AI models provide a clearer picture of how attitudes and actions are changing so you can determine critical next steps.

We Stream icon FNL

WE STREAM Data Continuously

We provide data either as a continuous raw data feed you plug into your own models, or as customized intelligence visualized on an interactive dashboard. 

Data Sources

Curated by regional and subject-matter experts

New Data Points Daily

Continually ingested for accurate predictions

Data Points Collected

Ready to integrate into your workflow

Harness the Power of Continuous, Hyperlocal Data

FilterLabs’ advanced data technology uncovers previously inaccessible insights at the local community level and delivers them in a continuous data stream to empower and expedite decisions and predictions.

Vast Data on Continuous Refresh
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Access thousands of local behavioral data sets and millions of hyperlocal conversational data sources that constantly feed into our massive data stream.


Critical Insights from Strategic Locations
Critical Insights Icon FNL
Uncover data and insights from areas of the world that are difficult to access due to logistical, language or political barriers.


Broad Insights Through a
Hyperlocal Lens
Broad Insights icon FNL
Understand community-level sentiment, emotions and behavior so you have the context and granularity you need to make informed decisions and predictions.


Innovative Data Fusion Technology
Innovative Data Fusion Icon FNL
Get a more complete picture with our proprietary AI models, which merge conversational and behavioral data to reveal a community’s changing attitudes and actions.


Trust Through Transparency
Trust Through Trans Icon FNL
Gain visibility into our broad range of both traditional and nontraditional sources, meticulously curated to ensure relevance and reliability.


Country and Cultural Experts
Country and Cultrual Exp Icon FNL
Benefit from knowledgeable subject matter experts, who identify high-quality, local sources and validate data for accuracy and cultural relevance.


Data on Tap
Data on Tap Icon FNL
Seamlessly integrate the data stream directly into your analytical models, complementing and augmenting your existing sources.


Custom-Distilled Data
Custom Distilled Data Icon FNL
Visualize and interact with query specific charts and graphs on our Talisman dashboard to reveal powerful insights.


FilterLabs in the News

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Explore the Possibilities

See how our technology provides up-to-date, hyperlocal data and insights from hard-to-access regions.

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