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He used AI to learn what Russians were thinking. ‘Once you start digging deeper, everything gets murkier.



CEO Jonathan Teubner spoke with Łukasz Dynowski of Grupa Wirtualna Polska about Filter’s insights into what’s going on below the surface in Russiansʼ views towards the war.

Łukasz Dynowski: What can we learn about Russia thanks to artificial intelligence (AI)?

Dr. Jonathan Teubner, Harvard scientist, creator of FilterLabs.AI: AI is a very broad concept, we use a branch of AI commonly known as NLP - i.e. natural language processing.


Thanks to AI tools, we can take a group of texts - e.g. posts from social media - and perform an instant analysis to find out what these posts are about. We will learn not only their topic, but also the emotional language of users. In other words: we will know the mood of the writers.


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