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The Talisman Data Fusion Platform

Use Talisman's AI-driven data fusion technology to uncover actionable intelligence from the world's most challenging regions.

By seamlessly combining hyperlocal conversational and behavioral data, Talisman enables you to understand what people are saying and doing in communities around the globe so you can better navigate the intricacies of global markets, geopolitical events and strategic communications with confidence.

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Financial Analysts: Gain a Competitive Edge

  • Supplement your existing data by using our API to stream raw data directly into your analytical models

  • Identify emerging and high-growth markets by tracking changes in sentiment, economic indicators and consumer behavior at the local level

  • Mitigate risks by monitoring supply and demand, supply chain disruptions, regulatory impacts and more

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Journalists: Bring Hyperlocal Depth and Nuance to Your Stories

  • Enrich reporting with insights about what people are saying, feeling and doing in hard-to-access communities around the world

  • Uncover hidden stories by analyzing the relationship between public sentiment and behavioral changes

  • Provide essential context by examining how events impact local communities and shape public opinion

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Strategic Communications: Develop Influential Campaigns

  • Understand target audiences by exploring the fusion of local sentiment and behavioral patterns

  • Tailor communications for maximum resonance by leveraging insights from community-level data

  • Evaluate campaign effectiveness by tracking changes in public sentiment and behavior over time

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Hyperlocal Intelligence

from Hard-to-Access Regions

Talisman delivers unrivaled access to high-quality, localized data from regions typically difficult to penetrate due to logistical, language or political barriers.

AI-driven technology constantly updates and analyzes thousands of local behavioral data sets and millions of hyperlocal conversational data sources, ensuring you have access to the most current and relevant information to inform your strategies.

What sets Talisman apart is its fusion of conversational and behavioral data from the world's hardest-to-access communities, providing you with a holistic view of local sentiment, emotions and actions. This empowers you to make informed decisions confidently.

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Discover the Talisman Advantage

Experience the power of continuously updated, hyperlocal data from hard-to-reach regions. Complete this demo request form to see how Talisman can give you the insights you need.
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