Sr Data Scientist

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Senior Data Scientist 

Company Overview

At FILTERLABS.AI, we’re at the forefront of innovation, creating AI-powered tools that revolutionize the way organizations ingest and analyze alternative data. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge capabilities that empower businesses and government entities to seamlessly connect with their communities, audiences, and markets.

About the Job

The Sr Data Scientist

  • Works with Leadership to conceptualize new models
  • Rapidly prototypes new models,
  • Helps locate meaningful correlations in disparate data sets
  • Works with Data Science team to complete data modeling initiatives
  • Provides Data Science Expertise to the Data Science Team


The Senior Data Scientist should have experience:

  • Building custom Transformer Models
  • Building custom forecasting models
  • Deep expertise in Python pyTorch model building
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing


The Senior Data Scientist is responsible for kicking off our modeling building processes. By working with leadership the Senior Data Scientist conceptualizes new models, begins testing them as proof of concept and guides the data science team in further refinement of promising models. The Senior data scientist will also be instrumental in evaluating database technologies in use throughout the company and helping recommend cost effective and performant technologies.

About FilterLabs

FilterLabs is an early stage startup that specializes in structuring data into data feeds and analytical reports for customers around the world. We find data where few people are looking and automate the process to make it accessible to our clients.

Salary Transparency

Range of annual pay for this position will likely be between $135k and $175k depending upon skill level and experience of employee.

Join us at FILTERLABS.AI and become an integral part of our growing team, helping drive innovation and connect organizations with a brighter future. Your journey with us promises not just professional growth but also the opportunity to contribute to a greater mission.

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